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Wednesday June 16th, 2021 from 17:15 to 18:35 (CEST)

Session 9. Arithmetic for Cryptography 2

Chair: Arash Reyhani-Masoleh

Tribute to Peter L. Montgomery
Joppe Bos

1. Efficient Word Size Modular Arithmetic
Thomas Plantard
Journal Paper
[Paper] * Free pre-print download till June 20, 2021

2. Accelerated RISC-V for SIKE
Rami Elkhatib, Reza Azarderakhsh and Mehran Mozaffari-Kermani

3. A Faster Hardware Implementation of the AES S-box
Doaa Ashmawy and Arash Reyhani-Masoleh

Journal Paper Journal Papers
To appear in the Special Section on "Emerging and Impacting Trends on Computer Arithmetic", IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computing Volume: 9, Issue: 3, July-September 2021